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Drum roll, please……

It’s here! It’s official! Broadsides & Brews Branding & Logo are complete!

When I received the email from our amazing graphic designer at Seasoned Marketing, I was watching the Greatest Showman and it dawned on me....Barnum....

As a child I loved attending the Barnum & Bailey circus with my family. Watching my Pop’s eyes take everything in with childlike wonder filled me with even more excitement! One visit, we watched an aerialist spinning, dangled from a rope by one arm. When her act finished, I asked my Pop if she went back stage and unwound her arm, he giggled with such delight! I never forgot that moment or the joy it brought to my heart. As an elementary school student, we took a class trip to see Barnum the Musical on Broadway. The magic of the stage, bringing a giant elephant to life before my eyes, and the music! Oh, did I LOVE the music! “The colors of my life are bountiful and bold” became a personal anthem to me and the lullaby I sang to my first born.

As I watch The Greatest Showman I realized, those magical moments taught me love and happiness and made it safe for me to dream, however big, however small. Broadsides & Brews is a dream, a dream to create a safe place for others to find moments of love, happiness, and the safety to dream, where we can come together and dream with our eyes wide open!

“The noblest art is that of making others happy” - PT Barnum

As we continue to bring you glimpses of the Broadsides & Brews experience in anticipation of the day we open our doors to you, remember, our goal is that noblest of art…to make you happy and give you a place to find the key to whatever you seek!

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