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When will you open?

You have a dream. There’s this thing that you want to do. You can see it. You describe it with passion to anyone who will listen. Everyone is supportive, so supportive you think to yourself, “we could actually do this.” The planning begins…the vibe, the colors, the sounds…a vision springs to life in your head and now it’s real, you’re going to make it happen. So, you dive in, headfirst, manifesting the heck out of this dream.

The thing about most dreams is that making them come true is hard. It’s hard work. It’s perseverance. Worldwide pandemic = more time to plan. Hunting for the right space = becoming flexible with your design. I have learned things I never expected to need to know. I wrote my first business plan, which, as it turns out, I am pretty good at, but don’t ever want to do again if I can help it. I have learned the ins and outs of General Contracting. I learned that I LOVE demo but hate the clean-up. Most of all, I have learned patience beyond what I believed I had. The hardest part though, is answering the question “when will you open?” There is so much that is out of your control when taking on a project that requires help from others, but that’s what Broadsides is, a space that requires collaboration to come to life and a place for collaboration when we are finally open. We have encountered so many delays and my biggest frustration is not wanting to disappoint those who have been anxiously awaiting our opening. We are now in the final stretch. The floors are being finished, the piano is scheduled for delivery, we are days, rather than weeks, from opening. There are still possible delays, but we will be opening this November and can’t wait to share what we have created.

Please join us on November 21st, 2023, at Noon when we cut the ribbon and welcome you all to Broadsides!

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I understand this completely!

As a writer / poet / creative, I have spent years with dreams of combining my love of the written word with some type of inspirational endeavor that I could do for a living instead of the typical daily grind. I came up with a brilliant idea to combine my greeting cards, t-shirt designs, MLM business experiences, etc., with my passion for mental wellness and a desire to uplift / inspire women into a viable business idea. I am in year Two of pushing towards the goal, and the realization is finally within sight, but there are always variables to consider and obstacles to overcome.

I am thrilled you kept pushing towards your own goals and…

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