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Cold, dark shell

I am learning a lot about commercial real estate. There are lots of terms, “cold, dark shell,” “warm, vanilla shell,” and other lease terms that don’t exist in the residential realm. At the same time, the realm of commercial real estate affords me one of my favorite scenarios, a blank canvas with which I can create an experience.

I have been creating experiences with my event production business since 2013. Locally, I have had some fun with reinventing the Durham Armory and even created a speakeasy at Carolina Theatre in Durham. Guests entered through the stage door of Carolina Theatre and were led through a secret, backstage cross-over passageway. Upon exiting the passageway, guests found themselves on the stage with a fabulous prohibition bar and the band playing from the seats in the balcony! Having full run of a professional stage is an experience that few get to relish. The fabulous sounds of Peter Lamb and The Wolves echoed through the space as they marched and played, New Orleans style, joining the guests on the stage and in the isles.

Opening Broadsides and Brews gives me the ultimate blank slate. I now have the opportunity to create a space in which I can share my favorite experiences and create favorites for others. I don’t see a “cold, dark shell” I see a beautiful canvas before me, waiting to spring to life. So many possibilities and decisions….what do I do with the floor? The ceiling? What is my color palette? Bold and exciting? Soft and relaxing? Rich and inspiring? When I create an experience, I take it all into consideration, the way things look, of course, but the way things feel is just as important, and smell, the sense most closely linked to memory, all critically important to creating the Broadsides & Brews vibe.

As I search through options and decide on vendors and partners, I can see the space spring to life in my mind. I truly can’t wait to take a “cold, dark shell” and create the warm, inviting space that will be Broadsides & Brews and welcome you all inside!

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