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Sawdust in the Air

Did you know that smell is the strongest trigger for a memory? For me it’s sawdust. My Pop would go down into the basement to work on model trains, planes, rockets, dollhouses, cars, you name it. He had a table saw so the smell of freshly cut wood was always in the air.

Today, the work began on the original 1920 wood floors in our building. The sound of the saw and the smell of the sawdust took me right back to sneaking down the basement stairs to see what magical project Pop was working on. It feels like our magical project, Broadsides & Brews, has taken a lifetime and, in a way, it has. It is a culmination of dreams that’s springing to life before my eyes. Pop always dreamed of having a building, now I do. I always loved bookshops (The Drama Book Shop in particular), now I am opening one. I always loved singing around a piano, we invite you all to do that, nightly. My husband and I met bartending and always “threatened” to open a bar, it’s happening. I’ve always wanted to be a writer and I have now written this blog, two articles for Circa magazine (which I will continue to write for) and scripts for a Podcast I hope to produce. So, even though we haven’t opened our doors just yet, Broadsides & Brews is already living up to the name, with the stories I have been able to tell in the creating of the space and the constant brewing of new ideas, offerings, and design for our wonderful historic home on White Street in Downtown Wake Forest.

Although we had hoped to have our doors open to you already, I promise it will be worth the wait!

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