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Model Planes, Trains...Broadsides & Brews

My Pop was a model builder. Trains, planes, automobiles, you name it. He even built train layouts in private homes, some took up entire rooms or even basements. I loved going along to Mr. Zaro’s house when Pop was working on that layout….oh the goodies! He built handmade, stick built water towers and bridges, the attention to detail was phenomenal. He would get paint chips from actual train cars to mix the exact colors for the models he made. When Pop wasn’t working, our time with him was filled with rocket launches and hours in the basement working on whatever doll house, model car, P51 or stern wheel boat was the latest obsession while Pop crooned along with Pavarotti or some Mariachi band playing on the record player. The smell of sawdust, glue and spray paint always brings me back and adds a smile to my face.

Our school projects were always the best, especially when there was a diorama involved. It’s amazing what can be built with some foam core, toothpicks, push-pins, glue and a little imagination, which gave me an idea. As the Broadsides & Brews real estate and finance teams work their magic, I have been anxious to bring Broadsides & Brews to life in some way, so off I went, mask-covered and on a mission to find foam core an all of the other ingredients to build a scale model of Broadsides & Brews.

Blogging to keep you updated on the Broadsides & Brews journey has been a fun, creative outlet. Now I will be switching creative mediums to bring you a more tangible vison of Broadsides & Brews. Until next time…..

That’s what’s brewing at Broadsides.

Zaro's Family Bakery

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