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What Are We Doing?!

2020…. what a year! And it’s only June 2nd!

I was struggling with what I should write for this week’s blog post. The events of the last week, George Floyd’s murder, peaceful protests and the scary rioting that followed had me at a loss for words. And then my husband asked me “should we be doing this (opening Broadsides) right now?” The future is always unknown and opening a new business is risky in a good economy, but now, with a global pandemic, rioting and looting in the streets, high unemployment and a bleak financial outlook for the future, are we insane?! Yes! We are insane and our community needs us more than ever!

Community is the heart of Broadsides & Brews and the arts, in its many forms, is the lifeblood. In times of anger, sadness and rejoicing we all turn to the arts. From the mural honoring George Floyd to the powerful lyrics of “We Shall Overcome,” the arts heals us and brings us together. A couple of years ago, my daughter’s high school was brave and wise enough to perform the musical Ragtime. While the cast, crew and audience were taught some historic facts and treated to some beautiful music, they were given a much more valuable opportunity, the chance to safely walk in another person’s shoes. Isn’t that what we need right now? A safe way to experience someone else’s truth and change our perspective. An opportunity to tell our stories and be heard. Not only a chance to have an open conversation about the power of taking a knee or wearing a mask to protect another, but having a safe place to discuss it, to share the poem that was written in anger or the song that was written in grief. That place, that safe space for expression, inclusion and community where we can come together and raise a glass for a better and brighter future, that place is Broadsides & Brews.

Are we crazy to open Broadsides & Brews now? Yes! But we can’t wait to be there for you, for all of us. And we can’t be afraid of the dark, for that is when stars shine brightest!

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